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As you know, there are 5 stages of emotional acceptance to what is happening around us. We decided to apply them to the topic of intimate training. We believe that the path from Denial to Acceptance will being happiness and acceptance to those who try.

“Women before me lived without intimate training and gave birth and everything was ok…”


“I won’t do anything! The muscles will tone up over time!”

P.S. the muscles themselves will not tone up.


“I guess I feel like I want to engage in self-development, maintain my health as much as possible, be confident in myself and be more intimate with my husband…”


“I have so many problems after childbirth, which cause so much discomfor in my daily life. Should start to take care of my intimate health, but it’s not clear where to start…!”


“Okay, I should read into intimate gymnastics and Kegel exercises. I think I’ll succeed – if I don’t start taking care of myself, no one will solve my problem for me. These Kegel exercise simulators are not so expensive anyway, so I’ll try!” Lets admit it, we all recognised ourselves at some point!

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